BOD/COD UV Online Analyzer <model BOD-U01>

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External Panel

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Software UI

Background and Introduction
  • In 2008, Ministry of Industry declare the environmental regulation stated that any factories which released waste water more than 500 m3/day must employ the online monitoring system to report BOD,COD,Watt hour and flow rate continuously to Department of Industrial Works (DIW).
  • However, at that time, there were only imported COD/BOD online analyzer and its price was unreachable.
  • To make the environment regulation more practical to Thai Factory, Federation of Thai Industries and Department of Industrial Works inquired Global Star Technologies Co., Ltd. to develop Thailand-made COD/BOD Online Analyzer by chemical titration method. After COD/BOD Chemical Online Analyzer was finished developed and released to the market. BOD/COD UV Online Analyzer was developed afterwards. Click DIW Agreement for more detail.
Analysis Methodology

BOD/COD UV Online Analyzer's cell

UV Measuring Cell

The analysis method is based on the principle that UV light of 254 nm wavelength is effectively absorbed by bio-organic compound.  UV Light will be beamed through a water sample in a clear glass tube, its absorbance will be correlated with the actual BOD5 and COD values of that water sample (from a certified lab) using the linear regression method.  After the correlation is determined, it can be used to convert UV light absorbance of a similar water sample to BOD and COD value.

BOD/COD UV Online Analyzer's Features

BOD/COD UV Online Analyzer Overview

  • Determine BOD and COD value using standard 254nm UV and visible light absorbance method correlated with certified laboratory measurement.
  • Automatic compensation for sample water with mild cloudiness (suspension solid) using visible light
  • Automatic self calibration function using RO water as a blank sample.
  • Pump sample water up from sampling pond using a peristaltic pump with about 1 Bar of suction head.
  • Automatic self-cleaning for the optical measuring cell with special cleaning solution.
  • Easy to install and maintenance, no submerged measuring cell (no algae and other contaminants due to submerged measuring cell)
  • Support for Data transfer to the Department of Industrial Works (OPMSClient) and Global Star Technologies server
Other Features

Hardware Features

  • Comply with CE/IEC for safety standard and wiring standard.
  • Self restart after any power interruption.
  • Provide external alarm contact ready to connect to any alarm system to warn an operator or security personal for any discrepancy event.
  • Equipped with lightning and surge protection

On-Line Communication Features

  • Require low communication data transfer (normally less than 10 K Byte per day).
  • Support online communication such as Telephone line ADSL modem, 3G/4G Internet air card or Internet LAN line
  • Analysis Method: UV absorbance (wavelength 254 nm) and compensated with visible light
  • Measurement: BOD range 0-40 mg/l (normal range can be adjusted according to customer requirement).COD will be converted from BOD which are calculated based on correlation from chemical laboratory's data or historical correlation.
  • Accuracy: ±10% of measuring range (callibrated process)
  • Communication support: RS485 Modbus Protocal, Ethernet,USB, Analog input 4-20 mA
  • Operating systems: Windows 32 bits OS
  • Display screen: 10.5" LCD Touch screen
  • Cleaning solution: GST Solution#2
  • Power supply: 220 VAC 50/60Hz

BOD/COD UV Online Analyzer dimension