Digital Sensors (Water Quality)


Since 2020, GST has been authorized to be Aqualabo's offical distributor of digital sensors (S200 process range) in Thailand.

We offer wide range of parameters such as optical DO, pH, Conductivity, turbidity and so forth.


AQUALABO is specialized in the design and manufacture of innovative technological solutions dedicated to water quality control. Driven by a workforce of 75 employees in 4 regions of France and on 3 continents (America / Europe / Asia), AQUALABO offers a range of French-made equipment and reagents.


Product Range

Detail for each sensor

OPTOD:Optical Dissolved Oxygen

NTU:Nephelometric Turbidity

PHEHT: pH.ORP,Temperature

C4E: Conductivity,Salinity

CTZN: Inductive Conductivity

MES5/VB5: Suspended solid,turbidity and sludge blanket

EHAN: Annular ORP Sensor